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назад в начало 20 века. япония

Blast from the past: A geisha walks along Matsukagecho-dori with signs and shops visible on either side.

Раскрашенные вручную фотографии сохранили для нас районы в Токио и Иокогаме, такими какими они были до великого землетрясения Канто в 1923.

In 1922 the Asakusa Park Tokyo was the city's main entertainment district, filled with dozens of cinemas. Following the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake and heavy bombing during World War II, the only memory of the area’s former glory is a few banners like these which can be seen in Asakusa’s Rokku district today.

Nihonbashi Dori Tokyo as it looked in 1922. Pictured in the foreground here is Nihonbashi, which still stands today, although it has now covered by an expressway, which was built in the 1960s.

The spectacular Iris Garden at Horikiri is still blooming today, with 6,000 flowers and 200 varieties. Located in Katsushika City, Tokyo, this remains one of the city’s most popular spots to see the flowers when they bloom in June.

Yoshiwara in Tokyo was known as a famous pleasure district during the Edo Period (1603–1868). This postcard was taken at a time when thousands of prostitutes still lived in the area.

Hanayashiki of Asakusa is believed to be the oldest amusement park in all of Japan. Established in 1853, the amusement park still operates.

Motomachi-dori, Yokohama, as seen in 1911, featuring a lady in western dress in the centre.

Unchanged beauty: The area of Mukojima is located opposite the Asakusa side of the Sumida River and is still famous for its beautiful display of cherry blossom trees.

The colourful Theatre Street in Yokohama which was the main entertainment district for locals.

Traditional clothing can be seen alongside contemporary dress of the era. At the top of the 100 stone steps is a tea house which was once the headquarters for Commodore Perry when he was in Japan in 1854.


любопытной показалась подборка.
а вам?

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Posts from This Journal “история в кадрах” Tag